Potato Soup Sale

Famous Potato Soup Sale

Near St. Patrick’s Day each year | Soup Kitchen: 1610 Eoff Street Wheeling, WV

Savor delicious, homemade potato soup served in beautiful, hand-crafted bowls created by talentedmembers of the Wheeling community. Not only will you enjoy a satisfying meal, but you'll also have theopportunity to purchase a unique bowl as a keepsake. All proceeds from this event will directly benefit theWheeling Soup Kitchen's mission…

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Soup'er Bowl Party

The Annual Soup’er Bowl Party

02/03/2024 | 1610 Eoff Street Wheeling, WV

Get ready for a touchdown of a good time at the Soup Kitchen's annual Big Game Party! Join the fun aswe watch the biggest football game of the year on the big screen. Enjoy delicious food, drinks, andmaybe even try your luck with some exciting raffles. All of this supports…

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