What is a Soup Kitchen?

The Soup Kitchen is a friendly community funded, volunteer based social service agency. We offer a delicious, wholesome and well balanced meal to anyone who is hungry free of charge.


Where are you located?

The Soup Kitchen is located in the Old Central Fire Station building. It is at the corner of 17 and Eoff Streets -1610 Eoff Street.


How many people eat at the Soup Kitchen?

Last year over 135,000 meals were provided free of charge through the Soup Kitchen.


How is the Soup Kitchen funded?

This Soup Kitchen is not government funded, we are 100% community funded. We rely entirely on community members through monetary donations and fundraisers. Response to newsletters is our main source of funding. In order to operate effectively throughout the year, we must raise over $450,000 per year.


What other services do you offer?

Our program, Just for Kidz, is for children of the Soup Kitchen and their families. We provide the children with a healthy home cooked meal every Wednesday night sponsored in part by Wheeling Elks Lodge #28. Those children who attend JFK enjoy a summer picnic, they are given back to school supplies, new clothes and receive holiday gifts. We always need sponsors for our children.


We recently opened an examination room, the Drinkard Medical Outreach Clinic, working with Health Right and Project Hope to provide medical attention to those in need.


What is an average meal served at the Soup Kitchen?

We always provide our patrons with a choice of a protein (meat), starch, vegetables, fruit, salad, bread and deserts along with juice, milk, coffee or water to drink. When leaving, our patrons are offered food to supplement their evening meals.


Do you have employees?

We have a very small staff, we rely heavily on volunteers.


What do I need to do in order to volunteer?

Call the Soup Kitchen and schedule yourself to volunteer. Volunteer times are Monday through Saturday from 8:30am to 1:30pm and Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 6:30pm (children’s meal).   We take volunteers as young as two (with parental supervision!) but you have to be at least fourteen to work in the kitchen or be without supervision.


What do I need to bring with me to volunteer?

Just bring yourself! All that we ask you to do is sign your name in the volunteer sign-in book. Pants/shorts and a t-shirt are recommended and no open toed shoes, tank tops or bare midriff shirts.   You are required to wear a hair net (or your own baseball style hat) and gloves that we provide.


What will I be doing when I volunteer?

There are endless possibilities when coming to volunteer. You would help with food preparation, serving lunch and cleaning up afterward. There are also more specific things you can help out with such as cleaning, organizing and help with Just for Kidz. There is always something to do when volunteering at the Soup Kitchen.  


What do I need to do if I want to bring a group to volunteer?

We recommend that you get a couple of dates that everyone is able to attend and call to check availability.  We are typically booked 2 months out.  We will put you on the schedule on the date that is open.


Is the Soup Kitchen affiliated/funded with a parent agency?

No, the Soup Kitchen is a non-profit 501(c) 3 agency that is independently run by a Board of Directors. However, the Soup Kitchen does work closely with all other social agencies in the Upper Ohio Valley.   We have no steady stream of financial support through other agencies.


What do you accept for donations?

We accept anything. This includes, but is not limited to, clothing, shoes, food, household items, toiletries, appliances, school supplies, etc. We pass everything on to the patrons and never charge.


Where do I go to stay up to date on current events and news for the Soup Kitchen?

We have a website with updated information, it is www.wheelingsoup.org. We also have a Facebook page that is updated regularly - The Soup Kitchen of Greater Wheeling, Inc.


How do I contact the Soup Kitchen?

Call us at 304-233-2992

Email us at WheelingSoup@yahoo.com

Message us on Facebook