About Us

Since 1982, the Soup Kitchen has provided warm meals and companionship as a non-profit inter-faith ministry incorporated with the State of West Virginia.


Our mission is to feed the hungry. We serve a delicious hot lunch (meat, starch, vegetables, bread, beverage, and dessert). We also offer a meal to go for the evening.


For more information, call 304-233-2992


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Hours of Operation

Monday  -  8:00-1:30
Tuesday  -  8:00-1:30
Wednesday  -  8:00-6:00
Thursday  -  8:00-1:30  
Friday  -  8:00-1:30
Saturday  -  8:00-1:30
Sunday  -  Closed

Lunch is served from 11:00am - 1:00pm
Just for Kidz dinner is served on Wednesday's from 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Board of Directors, Officers

President – Scott Brown, Esq.
Vice President – Mike Swann
Secretary – Lindsey High-Scott
Treasurer – Chris Wilson, CPA


Board of Directors, Members

Larry Blalock, Esq.
Dr. John Pokas
Bob Matzke
Alice Parsons
Patrick Viola
Greg Smith
Kayleen Clough
Kim Singleton
Patricia Jarvis


Becky Shilling-Rodocker, Executive Director
Laura Mendoza, Administrative Assistant
Maurice Walker, Head Cook
Denise , Janitor
Dominic Welling, General Labor

Sharon Pastoria, Stats
Caitlin Rodocker, JFK Coordinator
Steve Rodocker, Speedy Delivery
Jim Smith, Delivery


Senior Aides

James Maginelli
Mike Murray

The Old Central Fire Station - A Quick History


Our building at 1610 Eoff Street was built in 1940 to serve as the Wheeling Fire Department's Central Station. The building looks largely the same as it did in the 1940s. This photograph, circa 1944, shows all seven bays open. Today the bay in the center serves as our front door. The others are now windows in our dining rooms, to the left of the front door, and our kitchen, to the right.

During our 2005 renovation, we found several smaller Fire Department relics. These can be found on display throughout the Soup Kitchen. We retained much of the original architecture and details, including the classic firehouse tiles on some of our walls.

We are proud to maintain a piece of Wheeling history and thank the Fire Department for continued service to the community since its founding in 1869.

Photo: Ohio County Library


Soup Kitchen building circa 1944
The Soup Kitchen building as the Central Station of Wheeling Fire Department c. 1944 (click to enlarge)